Champion the rights of children by developing best practices and advocating for quality care for the orphaned.

We Care. Provide Holistic

We focus on the four essentials every child needs to thrive.

We Promote Family.

We work to ensure every child has a safe and loving home environment.

We Prepare for INDEPENDENCE.

We equip every child to be an independent Christian leader in their community.

Feed OVCs

The Minah Academy Mission Planted a tree called Victory Green Gardens, the aims of the movement is to help prevent a food shortage. Planting Victory Green Gardens helped make sure that there is enough food for our orphans, vulnerable children, and the poor people in 2030

National Church Mobilization Initiative

We launched this initiative in Freetown in 2023, and in the process commissioned operation 1000 care for orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs). Ambassadors to move forwarded in their communities to serve OVCs.