From statistics to real-life stories, there is evidence that our sponsorship program gives children a strong opportunity to overcome poverty and reach their dreams!

SPONSORING A CHILD GIVES LIFE & HOPE FOR A BETTER FUTURE Your monthly sponsorship of $50 or $100 per month will change a life of a child in Sierra Leone, West Africa. We believe it’s a big deal to give monthly to a child you may never physically meet — but we know that the relationship you will build with the child you support and the impact you will have on their life is totally worth the investment. We desire for you to truly know the child you sponsor and we guarantee they will know you. Your child will rely on your monthly support to attend school, provide him/her food, a used cloth. They will look forward to writing you messages, share their academic progress, and send video messages from time-to-time through our Minah Academy Mission Mobile App. They need you! Minah Academy Mission uses a lifecycle approach in our educational programs that focuses on the needs of children at all stages of development: early childhood, basic education, adolescence, and youth. We are committed to seeing each child who is selected to receive a MAM’s scholarship, complete their primary, and secondary school.


Our local team, in Sierra Leone, will help interviews children from high-poverty and high-risk areas who are not attending school and offer them scholarship opportunities.


After enrollment, our scholarship recipients must maintain at least a 90% attendance rate to continue receiving an Education for a Nation scholarship.




Each MAM’s scholarship includes: tuition, supplies, uniforms, foods, used cloths and other fees—so every OVC can chase their dreams!

Sponsor a Special Needs Child

At MAM, we believe each OVC is created beautifully by God, and in His image. Sent Minah’s Care Center was designed to give love to children with special needs!

Offering Children with Special needs unconditional care

Minah Academy Mission comes alongside families who have children living with special needs by offering tuition-free care and therapeutic services at Stent Minah’s Care Center, a special needs daycare.

On a daily basis, our children are being fed three meals, learn different ways to communicate, dance, and play outside! There are always lots of laughs at Sent Minah’s Care Center and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Connect with your child, get frequent updates, write and receive messages, give gifts, and more through our Minah Academy Mission Mobile App. Stay connected anywhere, anytime!

Sponsor a Child at Sent Minah’s Care Center

At Minah Academy Mission, we believe each child is created beautifully and has a purpose in life.

By sponsoring a child to attend Sent Minah’s Care Center you are changing that child and their entire family’s life!Your $35 per month sponsorship will cover your sponsored child’s tuition to Sent Minah’s Care Center, two meals, and a yearly health check-up.

Special need children at Sent Minah’s Care Center


We rely on people like you to support the work that we do – and we couldn’t do it without you! When you give to Sent Minah’s Care Center, your support empowers kids to receive lasting change!

Your gift to Sent Minah’s Care Center helps support therapeutic staff + purchases the following:
Plush + Sports Toys • Sign-language Materials • Fuel for Transportation, Uniform, School Shoes, Therapeutic Braces, Wipes, School Supplies, Sensory Toys, Plates, Utensils, Small Weighted Blankets ect.