The Board of Management manages the school on behalf of our trustee, Missionaries. It is the responsibility of the Board of Management to uphold the characteristic spirit of the school and is accountable to the trustee for doing so.

The Principal is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school, including providing guidance and direction to the teachers and other staff of the school.

The Board of Management consists of eleven people, made up as follows:

  • Four members nominated by the trustees of the School.
  • Two parents/legal guardians of children currently attending the school.
  • One local Authority of the community 
  • Three Ministry of Education representative

Following their nomination or election, all eleven members of the Board are appointed by the Trustees.

The Principal acts as Secretary to the Board.

Student Council 2023 – 2024 A new Student Council will be elect this year. Nominations were taken from each class and then an election is held to elect Council members. During this past year, the Student Council met every Friday at lunchtime to plan and to organize different activities for the school. Some of the activities are outlined below:
  • They attended a training session with Missionaries..
  • They organized a fundraiser and rose over Le: 50,000 for the mission before Christmas.
  • They represented the school at our annual Open night in November where they handed out a newsletter to let potential students know all about what the Student Council does in our school.
  • They organized a homework club to take place in the library where Sixth year students helped students in other years with their homework.
  • They organized an Internet Safety Poster Competition for Internet Safety Awareness week.
  • They were planning to represent the School at the mission Conference 2024 in March.
  • They were in the process of organizing two major events in the school. Firstly to continue the success of last year’s Students versus Teachers Debate, they were hoping to run with another debate this year. Secondly, they hoped to revive an old tradition in Minah Academy Mission School of an annual School Sports Day in conjunction with the PE department, which was scheduled for the last week in March.
Thank you to all the students who represented the school so well to date this year. All your work and energy is much appreciated. Thank you also to the coordinator of students’ council who works very closely with us.