NEW Movement to be launched in October 2023


‘’Connecting Schools, Organizations and Individuals for the next generation of OVCs learning care advocates and nation changers’’

The Free Quality Education Network is a movement based learning, inspires and equips OVCs students for a lifetime of effective service. We harness the immense resources of the entire FQEN Movement – helping OVCs students build the knowledge, wisdom, and practical experiences critical to serving vulnerable children wisely and well for the long haul.

Shared Goals

Every child in a loving family,embraced within a collaborative community.

Developed by a working group of a dozen national school leaders, and affirmed by all MAM National Network members, the FQEN vision unites a national schools movement through the following shared goals:

  1. Collaborating to enable schools, Individuals, Organizations, families, and communities-based care learning for OVCs
  2. Partnering with faith based learning institutions to inspire and support parents in action.
  3. Cultivating competency with evidence-based approaches and best practices
  4. To increase nationwide access to OVCs quality pre-primary, primary, and secondary school, and vocational education and training for dropout youths.

Can OVC’s get free education in network schools?

 Yes, thousands of OVCs, including those who lost their parents to COVID-19, will get an opportunity to pursue Pre-primary, Primary, and Secondary education free of cost in all NETWORK SCHOOLS, under its new initiative Movement to reserve seats for them, said the mission president.

He added that the network Schools will responsible for providing education to the OVCs students seeking higher education without any discrimination on any grounds.

History About the Network Movement

The decision was taken in a meeting of the Missionaries Council end of year council summit in the capital city of pujehun district on Thursday April 27-29, 2023. “The initiative will help thousands of children every year. We are coming out of Covid 19. Many children lost their parents during the pandemic. The initiative will also help those OVCs students.

The expenditure incurred for the admission and continuation of studies of such students in the pre-primary, primary, and secondary education and also a vocational training center for dropout youths from schools will be met from the MAM Welfare Advocate Fund or the Network Schools’ Welfare Fund.

The Mission president, pastor Lansana FS Minah told the summit that, this initiative movement would be a positive step towards the achievement of 50% Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER), by providing school uniforms, shoes, school bags, books and providing allowances based on school launch to OVCs parents/Kingship/Foster parents/adoptive parents, by the year 2030 as envisaged in the National Free Quality School Education Policy 2020 and would link the ongoing efforts with its Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) in the centenary year of the Network Schools.

Promoting Free Quality School Education for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

As the number of orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) grows, their communities become less and less capable of addressing all their basic needs, including their ability to go to school. The goal of this summit was to document interventions taking place throughout our beloved country (Sierra Leone) that show promise of helping young people achieve their educational goals, said the mission president.