Operation: Feed OVCs

During president Maada Bio Pronouncement of his election manifesto of Sierra Leone election in 2023. 

‘’FEED SALONE’’(An Initiative to Boost Agricultural Productivity to Ensure Food Security and Inclusive

Economic Growth) said president Maada Bio,  The Minah Academy Mission Planted a tree called Victory Green Gardens, the aims of the movement is to help prevent a food shortage. Planting Victory Green Gardens helped make sure that there is enough food for our orphans, vulnerable children, and the poor people in 2030.  Our Solution: Operation-Feed OVCs. We need to start buying up heirloom, reproducible seeds now and planting New Victory Green Gardens.

Our product Harvest Green could help feed the orphans, vulnerable children, and the poor people in Sierra


Reduce Your Cost- Increase Your Yield

Eco-friendly, Cost Reducing Solution for Agricultural, Landscaping, Lawns, Gardens, Home Owners, Dairy and Poultry.


‘’Agricultural is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man.’’ Said the mission president. See what the president of the Republic of Sierra Leone said ‘’FEED SALONE’’(An Initiative to Boost Agricultural Productivity to Ensure Food Security and Inclusive Economic Growth) said president Maada Bio,   

The problem we have today is the overuse of harmful chemical additives and it is destroying the nutrients in our soil, which is making us sick. These chemicals are also leaching into our ecosystem destroying life forms on the planet including us. Another is the wide scale destruction of insects worldwide, which are important for the food chain and pollination of our crops.

The solution is to have economically viable, ecologically safe, technologically innovative products made from natural sources, which will bring health back to our soil, roots, and plants.

Our products including: Harvest-Green, a natural, plant cell activation catalyst, and creating ling water for the vibrant health of plants, animals and humans.

                                           MISSION ONE: Creating the Economic Environment:

 For Eco-Friendly Sustainability

We bring to market economically viable, ecologically sustainable products that naturally enhance the health of plants, in order to reduce (and hopefully replace) the need for harmful pesticides fungicides and herbicides.

The overuse of fertilizers is another concern that can be reduced by natural means.

Both ears of corn on the left went through severe drought in the same soil. The only difference: the ear of corn on the left was treated with HarvestGreen; the ear of corn on the left was not!

Food shortages are popping up all over the world. Harvest Gold is the answer!

Creating Economic Environment


By helping planting become naturally stronger through increased photosynthesis and bio-active soil, not only can we solve the problem of feeding the poor, but we can also feed the people (and animals) highly nutritious food instead of the nutritionally depleted food now commonly sold at the market.

Feeding The Needs Nutritious Food


MISSION THREE: Creating Eco-Friendly Landscapes

Lawn and Gardens (Whether commercial or household) benefit from our products through increased, vibrant plant health, while at the same time reducing the need for high cost, harmful chemical additives which have been proven to be detrimental to us and our environment.

The result: healthier plants at a lower cost with a significant drop in harmful pollution. Harvest Green is the answer.

Creating Eco-friendly Landscapes



Welcome to Farmers Business Network 

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FBN helps Family, Friend, and other Farmers maximize their profit potential with data and technology, direct-to-farm commerce, community and a sustainability platform.

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    FBN and its services are currently available in Sierra Leone,


Our Mission

Powering the prosperity of Family Farmers around the country.

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