Educate Orphaned & Vulnerable Children in Sierra Leone: How You Can Help

Less Than a month for Back to School in Sierra Leone

  1. Our Desk for Children Program (DCP) is a child literacy project in Sierra Leone where we collect school maintenance and Back to School funds. Both of these programs aim to improve the child literacy and education environment for orphans and Vulnerable Children. We at Minah Academy Mission are committed to helping thousands of less privileged children lead better lives.

    One in five children between the ages of 6 and 11 are unable to go to school in Sierra Leone. We believe every child has the right to a good education. A child’s circumstances should not deprive them of a bright future. Education plays a significant role in empowering them to reach their full potential and fulfill their dreams.

    Learning should start at a young age. Early childhood education is crucial to building a solid foundation for the child’s future.  It facilitates their cognitive and social development so that they grow up to become strong individuals. There are many ways you can help create educational opportunities for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Donate School Supplies

Glory be to God and His Son Jesus Christ, for Sierra Leone President provides Free Quality School Education for all citizens. But still more children are education power block struck by poverty and plague are often unable to provide their children with proper schooling. The situation is worse for children without families. The following are some school supplies that you can donate to help educate orphans and vulnerable children in Sierra Leone.


Books are one of the most important child learning resources. They tell stories and help children develop cognitive and creative skills. Textbooks build a child’s knowledge of various subjects like science, mathematics, language, and more. Children also require notebooks to revise what they’ve studied, make notes, and complete assignments.

School Desks

Schools in Sierra Leone usually lack proper infrastructure like roofs and desks. Sitting on the hot floor in roofless schools while attending classes is an obstacle in their learning. Donating to our schools across five districts will help provides better learning environment in Sierra Leone, 


School Stationeries

These are basic but essential tools that facilitate learning. Students in the schools we help come from less privileged backgrounds. It’s up to the school to give them school supplies. You can help by donating pens, pencils, erasers, blackboards, and other classroom supplies for kids in Sierra Leone

Science Tools

The best learning comes from practical demonstrations and hands-on experiences. Science experiments are fun ways children can learn about scientific concepts. Hence, appropriate science equipment is needed to ensure every child gets the best learning experience.

Donate to a Charity Organization

Education is a right for every individual but for most orphans it’s often a privilege. It can provide them with the same opportunities as everyone else.

Providing them access to basic rights like education, clean water, food, and shelter is possible through your donations.  

 We at Free Quality Education Network are committed to helping thousands of less privileged children lead better lives. And this won’t be possible without your donations. Reach out to us or donate now to make a difference in a child’s life. Visit our website to learn more about our work in Sierra Leone. 

History About the Network Movement

The decision was taken in a meeting of the Missionaries Council end of year council summit in the capital city of pujehun district on Thursday April 27-29, 2023. “The initiative will help thousands of children every year. We are coming out of Covid 19. Many children lost their parents during the pandemic. The initiative will also help those OVCs students.

The expenditure incurred for the admission and continuation of studies of such students in the pre-primary, primary, and secondary education and also a vocational training center for dropout youths from schools will be met from the MAM Welfare Advocate Fund or the Network Schools’ Welfare Fund.

The Mission president, pastor Lansana FS Minah told the summit that, this initiative movement would be a positive step towards the achievement of 50% Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER), by providing school uniforms, shoes, school bags, books and providing allowances based on school launch to OVCs parents/Kingship/Foster parents/adoptive parents, by the year 2030 as envisaged in the National Free Quality School Education Policy 2020 and would link the ongoing efforts with its Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) in the centenary year of the Network Schools.

Promoting Free Quality School Education for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

As the number of orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) grows, their communities become less and less capable of addressing all their basic needs, including their ability to go to school. The goal of this summit was to document interventions taking place throughout our beloved country (Sierra Leone) that show promise of helping young people achieve their educational goals, said the mission president.