There are hurting children in your backyard in need of mentorship and families. We’re here to help you reach them. Church leaders, we want to guide you in developing a foster/mentorship care, and support ministry. We offer a variety of customizable workshops to meet your needs, no matter where you are on the orphan care journey! Depending on the needs and resources of your church, any of our workshops can be held virtually or in-person at your church.

One Day

Church Staff, Youths, & Orphan Care Leaders | Partial or Full Day

One Day offers church staff, youth and volunteer leaders’ holistic training on church-based orphan care and a thorough plan to develop a foster/mentoring care, and support ministry. This workshop is designed to walk church leaders, youths through our 10+ year proven 4-step process. It is interactive and customizable to fit the needs of all churches, no matter the size or demographics! We will cover significant topics such as:

  • Building a sustainable, volunteer-based mentoring
  • Understanding modern day biblical orphan care
  • Developing a ministry structure
  • Working with child welfare
  • Working with child placing agencies
  • Contextualizing orphan care within all church departments
  • Moving the ball forward through next steps coaching

Orphan care is more than a ministry, it’s a biblical mandate. Let us help you fulfill it!

First Step


Church Staff/Youths | 2 Hours

First step offers church staff/youths an in-depth look at the modern day orphan crisis and how the church should respond.

This 2-hour mini-workshop is designed for pastoral staff to unify the vision of orphan care across every department. We will cover engaging topics such as:

  • Understanding modern day orphan care
  • Understanding crucial partnerships
  • Contextualizing orphan care within all departments
  • Moving the ball forward through next steps coaching

Our goal is not for churches to champion a cause; it is for them to infuse orphan care into the DNA of their culture.


Next Generation Volunteers | 2 Hours

Grow offers kids and youth volunteers an opportunity to develop themselves as leaders and to hone their skills in working with children from hard places. This 2-hour mini-workshop is packed full of practical tools for volunteers to utilize as they help disciple the children in their care each week. We will cover relevant topics such as:

  • Overcoming negative mindsets
  • Walking in authority, not control
  • The impact of trauma on the brain
  • Creating atmospheres that promote felt safety

Our goal is for your volunteers to be equipped as your church steps into orphan care, so that your kids and youth ministries thrive!


With a strong internet presence, engagement on social media, and attendance at key events, we can bring awareness and voice to the over OVCs children in Sierra Leone.          


The best place to find families for kids is in the local church. The more churches we train, the more healing homes are found for hurting children.


Networks are communities of churches working in collaboration together. To equip a network is to reach a multitude of churches.


Additional trainers allow us to expand our reach; exponential growth can only happen when we multiply ourselves.


Financial partners fuel our mission by helping us reach more churches, who will recruit more families, who will welcome more hurting children in their homes.


By engaging university campuses, we can influence the next generation of orphan care leaders!

Regional Network Training

Network Leader | 1 -2 years

What would it look like if all of the churches you lead were engaged in helping hurting children find healing homes? Whether your network is denominational, interest-based, or geographical in nature, Backyard

Orphans has the tools needed to make a network-wide orphan care ministry successful! We provide your team with proven ways to engage your churches and our best practices from 10+ years that will give you the confidence to lead them into orphan care.  We will guide you and your team in:

  • Implementing an orphan care strategy
  • Developing infrastructure
  • Determining the best fundraising approach for your organization
  • Brainstorming relevant branding and marketing strategies
  • Training your churches to develop foster care, adoption, and support ministries
  • Building critical relationships with child welfare and child placing agencies
  • Caring for your team and partners

The orphan crisis is bigger than one church or even one network. That’s why the solution requires all of us working together. Orphan care isn’t about some churches doing it all; it’s about all churches doing something.